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  • Since the My-NPL Event #2 is cancelled, again, I decided to go watch the national team representatives scrimmage against team Raskal Malaysia for the Nations Cup 2014 to be held on the 6th to 9th November 2014 in Langkawi, Malaysia.

    Those not going to the island can watch the action live via this link:

    And hey, here is the lineup for the Malaysian team. Not in photo is national representative King and WY Wei.

  • Referees will raise up their hands for the 10 second countdown. That’s when you clear your mind of other thoughts and focus solely on winning. And that moment when the referees drop their hands is when the rush kicks in.

  • Your body profile must follow the shape of your bunker. Why? To minimize the portion of your body exposed to opponents. The more you are exposed, the more likely you are to get hit. A smaller profile also means opponents are less likely to notice you.

  • When the referee shouts you’re out, don’t argue or risk getting a penalty that may put your team off their game. Instead, play along and argue after the game has finished before signing the score sheets. And remember, refs are human.

  • The most important thing to do when you’re behind the bunker is, having your marker upright at all times. Even with superman-like focus and eagle-like eyesight, you won’t be able to shoot fast when your barrel is down.

  • Thank the referees or marshals for their hard work after each of your game, no matter what the outcome of that game.